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Policies and Procedures


Please visit for more forms and information regarding travel.

  • Kean University policy requires all travel to be pre-approved (at least 3 weeks prior) to travel.
  • No travel permitted without an approved Travel Authorization Form completed prior to travel.
  • Reimbursement will not be permitted without an approved Blanket Travel number (BT).
  • Please send completed travel documents via email to

In accordance with the Kean University BOT's directive to implement Travel Policy Guidelines for University Employees, the following policies, procedures and regulations are issued for the guidance of officials and employees of the University who are traveling on official business for the University and who expect to be reimbursed for the charges incurred in such travel. The policies, procedures and regulations contained in this manual are subject to change. Any changes made to this manual will be included in the version appearing on Kean University’s web page. Since this manual is subject to change, it is the employee’s and/or official’s responsibility to refer to the current version and to be knowledgeable of the revised policies, procedures and regulations.

The electronic version of this handbook is available on Kean University’s web page.

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