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New Freshmen Merit Scholarships


New Freshmen Merit Scholarships

These awards are given based on alternate indicators including, but not limited to courses taken, academic rigor, class rank with a primary focus on high school (unweighted) GPA and standardized exams (SAT, ACT) if applicable. Only recent high school graduates primarily admitted as full-time freshmen are eligible.

These scholarships are renewable for up to four years (8 semesters) of consecutiveundergraduate study when a cumulative 3.0 GPA is maintained through continuous full-timeenrollment. Please note that these merit awards cannot be combined with one another. Additionally, we reserve the right to reduce the scholarship amount should the total of allfederal, state, and other awards exceed the cost of attendance.

There are seven named levels of merit scholarships and recognition that range from $500 to full-in-state tuition.

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