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At this time, all on-going services are conducted virtually, except in the instance of an urgent matter at the discretion of the counselor.

When a student makes an appointment for an initial screening, that student will meet virtually with a counselor and will have an opportunity to discuss the issues that are of most concern. The counselor will perform an assessment, determining the appropriate level of care to address the student’s needs.

Individual and/or Group Therapy

  • Individual counseling affords the opportunity to speak with a trained clinician (either a licensed professional or a graduate-level supervisee) who will listen to you without judgment or criticism, help you identify your goals and then work with you to help you make changes in your life.
  • Group counseling is also led by a trained clinician, and has the added benefit of having other group members who share some of your concerns and can offer support and feedback from a peer perspective.
  • Students are recommended for individual and/or group counseling based on their particular need.

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

  • When indicated, a student may be referred for a consultation with a psychiatrist to assess the student’s appropriateness for medication, provide information, answer any questions the student may have and prescribe medication if indicated.
  • Psychiatric services are only available for students who are actively involved in ongoing treatment with one of our counselors.


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