The use of facial recognition for online business with the perspective of customer adoption

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Facial recognition technology is an emerging digital payment method in online business to provide customers with a better shopping experience. Therefore, this study aims at analyzing factors influencing customers' perception of facial recognition in online shopping. The research combines the privacy-trust-behavioral-intention model and innovation resistance theory to create a new model. Based on the new model, the study investigates the influence of hedonic motivation, privacy, and innovation resistance on customers' intention to use and recommend facial recognition. The study shows that privacy and innovation resistance negatively influence customers' acceptance of facial recognition in online business. At the same time, the hedonic motivation reflects positively from the customers' side - this paper benefits e-commerce to improve facial recognition in online shopping and improve customers' online shopping experience.

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14th CMI International Conference - Critical ICT Infrastructures and Platforms, CMI 2021 - Proceedings



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