Improving the Quality of e-Commerce Service by Implementing Combination Models with Step-by-Step, Bottom-Up Approach

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e-Commerce, as a hot industry, plays an important role in people’s lives. People visit e-commerce websites, check what they want, then click buy, and finally complete the transaction. The developments taking place at the level of electronic services at the global level and the intensification of competition and the increase in the experiences of electronic shoppers, the awareness and understanding of companies of the distinctive characteristics of the population in the region and their purchasing habits has become the most important for companies of e-commerce and services, where it is imperative Companies should keep pace with these developments and provide electronic services via the internet of high quality and efficiency, by focusing on the most important requirements for customer satisfaction, especially in light of the information and technological revolution. However, customers will have an awful experience if they visit crudely made e-commerce websites. Kunst A. (2019, Dec 20) claimed that around a total of 37.4% of customers complained that they had an awful shopping experience. The reason is that the service quality of e-commerce websites is not up to standard. This research aims to improve the quality of e-commerce service by using the Comprehensive and Referential Combination Model by implementing a Step-by-Step, Bottom-Up approach. Finally, we will recommend improving the quality of e-commerce service in construct and revision ways within parts of this model.

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International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications

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