A Smart Healthcare Recommendation System for Multidisciplinary Diabetes Patients with Data Fusion Based on Deep Ensemble Learning

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The prediction of human diseases precisely is still an uphill battle task for better and timely treatment. A multidisciplinary diabetic disease is a life-threatening disease all over the world. It attacks different vital parts of the human body, like Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Nephropathy, and ultimately Heart. A smart healthcare recommendation system predicts and recommends the diabetic disease accurately using optimal machine learning models with the data fusion technique on healthcare datasets. Various machine learning models and methods have been proposed in the recent past to predict diabetes disease. Still, these systems cannot handle the massive number of multifeatures datasets on diabetes disease properly. A smart healthcare recommendation system is proposed for diabetes disease based on deep machine learning and data fusion perspectives. Using data fusion, we can eliminate the irrelevant burden of system computational capabilities and increase the proposed system's performance to predict and recommend this life-threatening disease more accurately. Finally, the ensemble machine learning model is trained for diabetes prediction. This intelligent recommendation system is evaluated based on a well-known diabetes dataset, and its performance is compared with the most recent developments from the literature. The proposed system achieved 99.6% accuracy, which is higher compared to the existing deep machine learning methods. Therefore, our proposed system is better for multidisciplinary diabetes disease prediction and recommendation. Our proposed system's improved disease diagnosis performance advocates for its employment in the automated diagnostic and recommendation systems for diabetic patients.

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Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience



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