A Study on Optimization of Network latency and Pocket loss Rate

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Network delay refers to the transmission of various data in the network medium through network protocol, such as TCP / IP. If the amount of information is too large and there is no limit at the same time, the excessive network traffic will lead to the slow response of equipment, resulting in network delay. [2] The main causes of network delay are transmission delay, propagation delay, packet switching, queuing, packet drop and processing. [1]Therefore, in order to study the optimization of network delay, the causes of network delay was studied in detail. Some of the methods were deployed to learn the testing network latency, delay measurement algorithm, for example, Cristian's Algorithm, network analysis by establishing a packet processing model, and TCP BBR algorithm and analyze the optimization of network delay through the simulation of BBR. Finally, by comparing the data before and after optimization, the results of the optimization of the network delay test data by the BBR algorithm are obtained.

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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering



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