Study on propagation characteristics of obliquely incident terahertz wave in non-magnetized plasma

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A transmission model of THz wave in non-uniform and magnetized plasma is established. Based on the analysis of transmission characteristics in Gaussian and uniform plasma environments, theoretical simulations are performed using the continuity conditions of the electric and magnetic fields at the boundary of each layer. The effects of collision frequency, electron density and incident angle on the attenuation of THz wave energy are mainly discussed. The attenuation of the THz wave by the collision frequency does not change monotonously, and the optimal frequency needs to be selected according to the actual situation. THz wave attenuation increases with increase of electron density. And the THz wave attenuation decreases with the increase of the incident angle. Vertical incidence can be used as a means to alleviate the "communication blackout". The conclusions of this paper provide a good theoretical basis and relevant parameter references for alleviating the "communication blackout" problem.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series



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