Oil price shocks, investor sentiment, and asset pricing anomalies in the oil and gas industry

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This paper documents that stocks are not efficiently priced in the oil and gas industry. We find significant cross-sectional effects on stock returns from various firm characteristics in the oil and gas industry. Specifically, 13 out of 15 prominent capital market anomalies are robust in the oil and gas industry. Investor sentiment has significantly positive impact on 4 anomalies: composite equity issues, investment to assets, net stock issues, and value effect. Among the three oil shocks, we find that aggregate demand shocks have significantly impact on 6 anomalies: composite equity issues, financial distress, net stock issues, O-SCORE, return on assets, and idiosyncratic volatility. Our results are consistent with the view that high arbitrage costs and risks have significant deterring effects on arbitrage in the oil and gas industry. Our findings also have practical investment and policy implications for investors, firm managers, and policy makers alike.

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International Review of Financial Analysis



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