Harnessing the Potential of Non-Apoptotic Cell Death Processes in the Treatment of Drug-Resistant Melanoma

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Melanoma is a highly malignant skin cancer that is known for its resistance to treatments. In recent years, there has been significant progress in the study of non-apoptotic cell death, such as pyroptosis, ferroptosis, necroptosis, and cuproptosis. This review provides an overview of the mechanisms and signaling pathways involved in non-apoptotic cell death in melanoma. This article explores the interplay between various forms of cell death, including pyroptosis, necroptosis, ferroptosis, and cuproptosis, as well as apoptosis and autophagy. Importantly, we discuss how these non-apoptotic cell deaths could be targeted as a promising therapeutic strategy for the treatment of drug-resistant melanoma. This review provides a comprehensive overview of non-apoptotic processes and gathers recent experimental evidence that will guide future research and eventually the creation of treatment strategies to combat drug resistance in melanoma.

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International Journal of Molecular Sciences



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