Cloud-Based Class Attendance Record System

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Traditional class attendance registering is based on the roll-calling of professors, sign-in and other ways with low efficiency. Though face recognition got widely used in recent years at home and abroad, there is no practical application system available for this purpose in Chinese university campuses. The paper presents an automatic class attendance registering system CBCA System based on face detection and recognition on cloud computing, students just need to stand in front of the camera for a few seconds, and sign-in is completed, and sign-in data can be stored in a local or central database. This system greatly helps professors to improve roll-calling efficiency in classes. Moreover, students can be more focused on the teaching contents instead of spending some time on passing sign-in sheets. After a few months' usage for different classes, we have found that the application is flexible, reliable, and achieves 100% recognition rate in real-time.

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2019 IEEE 5th International Conference on Computer and Communications, ICCC 2019

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