Online clinical decision support system using optimal deep neural networks

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The Internet of Health things (IoHT)has numerous applications in healthcare by integrating health monitoring things like sensors and medical devices for remotely observe patient's records to provide smarter and intelligent medicare services. To avail best healthcare services to the users using the e-health applications, in this paper, we propose an IoT with cloud based clinical decision support system for the prediction and observance of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)with its level of severity. The proposed framework collects the patient data using the IoT devices attached to the user which will be stored in the cloud along with the related medical records from the UCI repository. Furthermore, we employ a Deep Neural Network (DNN)classifier for the prediction of CKD and its level of severity. A Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)based feature selection method is also used to improve the performance of DNN classifier. The proposed model is validated by employing the benchmark CKD dataset. Different classifiers are employed to compare the performance of the proposed model under several classification measures. The proposed DNN classifier alone predicts CKD with an accuracy of 98.25% and is further enhanced to 99.25 by PSO-FS method. At the same time, the improved classification performance is verified with higher values of 98.03 specificity, 99.25 accuracy, 99.39 F-score and 98.40 kappa value respectively.

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Applied Soft Computing Journal



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