Sustainable design for the built environment

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To transform the indistinguishable concepts into the actual tangible space in architectural design in a systematic way is a concern of architects since late 1950's in different terms such as design process, design methodology, design strategy etc… and its main part, schematic design process (regarding common plan of works) has the main effect on the final result. This study is an attempt of development of a conceptual approach of applying self-consciousness to architectural design and using models dedicated to its process which is useful for practitioners which are doing architecture primarily as freelancers or in small offices (whom could follow the suggested methods), educators and students of architecture which are teaching/attending the "architectural design" and related courses in architecture and design faculties and finally the researchers who are interested in the issue. Visual models and specifying them to related sub-processes in a managerial approach, is the main concern of this thesis, based on the architectural background (Master of Science of Architecture Engineering and the candidate-ship of Architecture PhD) of the author.

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Sustainable Design for the Built Environment

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