Acceptance and commitment therapy for injured athletes: Development and preliminary feasibility of the return to action protocol

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Few studies have examined the development or implementation of protocols based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to enhance sport injury rehabilitation, despite findings that suggest ACT may be an effective intervention for this purpose. The current article details the rationale for and design of Return to ACTion, an ACT-based protocol intended to target psychological flexibility and mindfulness to increase rehabilitation adherence and overall well-being for injured athletes. The initial feasibility of delivering the intervention at a Division III public university in the northeastern United States was also explored. Return to ACTion was offered in the athletic training facility to injured student-athletes during a 12-week period with recruitment assistance from the athletic trainers. Qualitative data pertaining to feasibility was collected with a log of observations maintained by the principal investigator and with verbal and electronic interactions with the athletic trainers. Although there were no participants in the intervention, there were important findings relevant to further application and research.

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Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology

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