Preface: from ‘sound bites’ to sound solutions: Advancing the policies for better early childhood education in asia pacific

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This book comprises 12 interesting case studies on early childhood education (ECE) policies in the Asia Pacific. The selected works individually analyse the target education policies in a specific country or region, based on the theoretical framework of ‘3A2S’ – affordability, accessibility, accountability, sustainability and social justice. Collectively, they provide a multifaceted account of the merits and limitations of the ECE policies implemented or proposed in 12 countries/regions. In an effort to provide a greater understanding of the current policy trends, all the contributors analyse the education policies in their respective socio-economic and political contexts and suggest new research agenda for early childhood education in this rapidly developing region. This introduction chapter presents the ‘3A2S’ framework and briefly summarises the theoretical advances and practical improvements in ECE policies in the Asia Pacific.

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Education in the Asia-Pacific Region

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