After megan and jacob: Changes in sex offending and sex offender processing-arrests, sentencing, community reintegration, treatment-since the passage of mid-1990s legislation

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Mid-1990s laws like Megan's Law and the Jacob Wetterling Crimes against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Reintegration Act (the "Wetterling Act") signaled an increasing get-tough approach to handling individuals that perpetrate sex offenses, particularly crimes that target child victims. A plethora of federal and state laws pertaining to sex offenders followed; however, few of these laws were based in the science of what works to reduce recidivism. The passage of legislation sparked a flurry on research about the effectiveness of myriad sex offender treatment and management practices. This chapter reviews laws targeting sex offenders since the 1990s; trends in sex offending as measured by arrests and sentencing; and research about effective treatment and management of sexual offenders. The recent emergence of a focus on adult victims of rape at colleges and universities is discussed, including balancing the needs of victims with due process protections for the accused.

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Sexual Harassment and Sex Offenders: Patterns, Coping Strategies of Victims and Psychological Implications

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