The Demand for Big Data Skills in China

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The exponential growth of data has driven the rapid development of big data, reshaped the demands for skills in many industries, and created new jobs. Using detailed data on job requirements and posted wages from an online job site, we define big data skills as technical and general skills and estimate the demand and the value offered for big data skills. We find that 11.05% of job ads require big data technical skills, and organizations are willing to pay higher wages for labor with big data technical skills. The Scientific Research and Technology Services industry is willing to pay the highest value for big data technical skills. In all industries, the average posted wages of the job ads that require big data technical skills are higher than those that do not require big data technical skills, and the industries that have higher demands for big data technical skills are also providing higher posted wages in job ads that do not require big data technical skills.

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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

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