Coping patterns in mothers/caregivers of children with chronic feeding problems

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Introduction In this study, with use of the Coping Health Inventory for Parents (CHIP), coping behaviors were examined in 35 mothers/ caregivers of children with chronic feeding problems during hospitalization for treatment of these problems. Coping in families of children with these problems has not been addressed in research. This information is beneficial in planning and implementing treatment and follow-up services. Method Correlations and t tests were used to look at variables related to the mothers'/caregivers' coping patterns and to compare their frequency of usage of these patterns. Results The mothers/caregivers in this study were most likely to cope with their child's feeding problems by making active attempts to understand the problems and by doing activities with family members. Several child and family variables were significantly related to maternal coping patterns. Discussion These results suggest that it is important to provide a variety of resources to families of children with chronic feeding problems during their children's hospitalizations, including access to support and information groups. The results also suggest that it is beneficial for these families to acquire a thorough understanding of their child's medical situation because this understanding seems to help them in their ability to cope.

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Journal of Pediatric Health Care

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