The effects of moderate prior exercise and varied rest intervals upon cardiorespiratory endurance performance

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Female subjects (n=20) aged 18-25 performed PE consisting of a treadmill run designed to raise HR to approximately 140 bpm, which was maintained for 2 minutes. After the PE, the subjects rested for 30, 60, 90, and 120 seconds before starting an all-out run on a treadmill to exhaustion. They also performed the CT once without any PE. It was found that performance following PE+30 was significantly better than no PE, PE+90, and PE+120. Although PE+60 just missed being significantly better than no PE, it was significantly better than PE+90. The improved performance following PE+30 and PE+60 was attributed to the mobilization of the O2 transport system during PE which reduced the O2 deficit at the beginning of the CT, leaving more of the anaerobic capacity for use later in the CT. The poorer performance following PE+90 and PE+120 suggests that the mobilization effect of PE is probably lost during the longer rest intervals.

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Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness

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