Comparison Between ECDH And X3DH Protocol

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In this article, it will describe the generation and use of an encryption key named AES, RSA and X3dh. When encrypting or decrypting, their operation processes are similar. That is, they all use a common method and an encryption key. X3dh is simpler, more complicated, and more secure, derived from the invention and application principles of these two keys (AES and RSA). RSA is a new feature that publicly leaks the encryption key without leaking the corresponding decryption key at the same time. For the explanation of the content of this article, many explanations of proper nouns and knowledge are also used; A series of codes derived by me about the knowledge learned by Computer Science, which are generated by the encryption principle, are more clearly explained, and explained the encryption process and operation method of each key. This application uses the x3dh protocol to allow secure conversations between users.x3dh is an end-to-end communication protocol that enables two clients to conduct encrypted conversations, and this process uses the data on the third-party server to sign, so as to verify the communication data between the clients.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering



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