Enterprise financial risk early-warning method based on data mining

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Because there are many factors affecting the financial risk of enterprises, it is difficult to assess the risk, and the traditional methods are difficult to accurately carry out the risk early warning work. To solve this problem, this paper puts forward the research of enterprise financial risk early warning method based on data mining. First, it constructs a financial risk evaluation system covering the profitability, operation, debt repayment, development and cash flow of the enterprise, and then analyzes the specific situation of each index parameter in the financial risk evaluation system by using BP neural network of data mining technology, and realizes the evaluation of the enterprise's financial risk combined with the actual situation of the market. Then, it makes corresponding early warning according to the evaluation results. The test results show that the accuracy rate of the designed method for different degrees of financial crisis can reach more than 80.0%, which has a reliable early warning effect.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering



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