Experiential Marketing, Customer Engagement, and Brand Loyalty in the Luxury Fashion Industry: Empirical Evidence from China

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The fashion industry in China faces fierce competition and variability in fashion trends. Customer experience plays a vital role for companies to remain competitive; however, traditional marketing has been unable to fully consider customers’ needs and to provide an immersive experience, which can be addressed by experiential marketing. This kind of customer engagement contributes to creating value and increasing recognition for businesses, enhancing brand loyalty, and contributes to long-term and continuous business success. This study explores the relationship between experiential marketing, customer engagement and brand loyalty. Survey responses of 200 participants in the experiential marketing activity of Shanghai’s Chanel pop-up store were collected. Drawing on Schmitt’s five different types of experiences, we find the importance of experiential marketing in spurring customer engagement and brand loyalty. Our study enhances the understanding of experimental marketing in the fashion industry. Theoretical and practical implications are provided.

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Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research

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