Entropies of the Y-Junction Type Nanostructures

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Recent research on nanostructures has demonstrated their importance and application in a variety of fields. Nanostructures are used directly or indirectly in drug delivery systems, medicine and pharmaceuticals, biological sensors, photodetectors, transistors, optical and electronic devices, and so on. The discovery of carbon nanotubes with Y-shaped junctions is motivated by the development of future advanced electronic devices. Because of their interactionwithY-junctions, electronic switches, amplifiers, and three-terminal transistors are of particular interest. Entropy is a concept that determines the uncertainty of a system or network. Entropy concepts are also used in biology, chemistry, and applied mathematics. Based on the requirements, entropy in the form of a graph can be classified into several types. In 1955, graph-based entropy was introduced. One of the types of entropy is edgeweighted entropy. We examined the abstract form of Y-shaped junctions in this study. Some edge-weight-based entropy formulas for the generic view of Y-shaped junctions were created, and some edge-weighted and topological index-based concepts for Y-shaped junctions were discussed in the present paper.

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CMES - Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences

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