Pediatric interprofessional education opportunities in entry-level doctor of physical therapy programs

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Introduction: Interprofessional education (IPE) is an essential curricular component for future pediatric physical therapists. Current research is inconclusive regarding the amount of pediatric IPE recommended for physical therapy (PT) education programs. This study's purpose is to explore practices guiding inclusion of IPE within entry-level PT pediatric curriculum in the United States. Materials and methods: Data was collected using a cross sectional survey of US PT education programs. Descriptive statistics were collected for program demographics, pediatric IPE offerings, and interprofessional collaboration. Results: Sixty percent of programs offer pediatric IPE. The most frequent IPE learning experiences are case studies and clinical rotations. PT students collaborate primarily with occupational therapy and speech language pathology programs. Discussion and conclusions: These results identify an opportunity to include additional interprofessional opportunity development in preparation for collaborative practice. Additional research is indicated to address the challenges to inclusion of pediatric IPE in PT education programs.

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Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice



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