Teaching Personality Theories for Engagement in Higher Order Thinking Skills

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Personality theories at times can be complex and abstract for students to comprehend for practical use; however, effective teaching techniques can yield better outcomes. The primary objective of this study was to investigate whether the proposed module promotes engagement with higher order thinking skills and impacts academic performance. Posttest only control group design and face-to-face interview technique were employed to collect data. Sixty-eight in-service teachers (Experimental group = 35; Control group = 33) participated in a quasi-experimental study. Data were collected in five semesters across two academic years. Students in the experimental group performed significantly better on the quiz and reported higher engagement in higher order thinking skills than the students in the control group. The qualitative findings suggested that the module promoted deep and meaningful, and collaborative learning opportunities for higher order thinking. The teaching module can effectively facilitate critical reading and understanding of personality theories by engaging students in activities that require high-order thinking skills

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology

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