Secure and scalable Blockchain-enabled traffic data management using a trust model

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Most Intelligent Vehicles (IVs) can sense and share traffic conditions using embedded advanced sensing devices. However, the integrity, reliability, and availability of this data against potential attacks in the vehicular network remain a challenge. Recently, blockchain technology has been proposed to address these security concerns. Additional enhancements in the blockchain protocol are still needed to minimize the confirmation delay of traffic data. This work takes advantage of the traffic event validation context to improve the performance of the blockchain while main-taining the decentralization and security properties of the system. We propose a trust model that selects the most appropriate Road Side Units (RSUs) as event validators based on their reputation and distance from the event location. The proposed scheme was validated by simulation, and results showed good improvement in blockchain performance, decentralization, and fairness of the event validation process.

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2022 4th International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications, BCCA 2022

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