M-health services equipped with public sector community health centers (MH-PS-CHCs), an emerging public-private joint venture in China: adoption from M-health Users’ Perspective

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People with minor medical conditions in China tend to prefer healthcare consultation in the emergency department of tertiary hospitals and avoid public sector community health centers (PS-CHC). The reason behind this is the trust deficit in the quality of medical care at PS-CHC. On the other hand, Chinese m-health companies have a surprising number of registered users and daily healthcare queries. However, the lack of physical check-ups causes a lack of trust in the quality of prescribed treatments for m-health users. One such m-health company entered into a joint venture with a local government body. In this joint venture, the doctors from tertiary hospitals can provide healthcare consultation to m-health users at PS-CHC. This study investigates m-health users’ intention to use m-health services equipped with PS-CHC, an emerging public-private joint venture in China. We extended the technology acceptance model with government support and trust to predict the adoption of such technology-based public-private joint ventures in a better way. The data were collected from 432 m-health users in Hefei and analyzed using Smart-PLS. All eight direct, but only three mediating relationships were to be found significant. This study has implications for researchers, government healthcare authorities, and m-health service providers.

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Technology Analysis and Strategic Management



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