Finite element study of bio-convective stefan blowing ag-mgo/water hybrid nanofluid induced by stretching cylinder utilizing non-fourier and non-fick’s laws

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In the present framework, an analysis on nanofluid magneto-transport phenomena over an extending cylinder influenced by gyrotactic behavior of algal suspension, is made using the Cattaneo– Christov heat flux (non-Fourier) and mass flux (non-Fick’s) concept in modified Buongiorno’s model. Two dimensional incompressible MHD hybrid nanofluid which comprises chemically reactive hybrid nanomaterials (Ag-MgO NPs) and Stefan blowing effect along with multiple slips is considered. The experimental correlations with their dependency on initial nanoparticle volume fraction are used for viscosity and thermal conductivity of nanofluids. Similarity transformation is used to convert the governing PDE’s into non-linear ODE’s along with boundary conditions, which are solved using the Galerkin Finite Element Method (GFEM). The mesh independent test with different boundary layer thickness (ξ∞ ) has been conducted by taking both linear and quadratic shape functions to achieve a optimal desired value. The results are calculated for a realistic range of physical parameters. The validation of FEM results shows an excellent correlation with MATLAB bvp5c subroutine. The warmth exhibitions are assessed through modified version of Buongiorno’s model which effectively reflects the significant highlights of Stefan blowing, slip, curvature, free stream, thermophoresis, Brownian motion and bio-convection parameters. The present study in cylindrical domain is relevant to novel microbial fuel cell technologies utilizing hybrid nanoparticles and concept of Stefan blowing with bioconvection phenomena.

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