Kean Quest


When considering the rehabilitation of historic buildings, we should not just think about how much energy we can save, but in addition, what sustainable measures could be implemented as to not destroy the cultural integrity/authenticity or the historic structure of the building. Therefore, performing rehabilitation measures on historic buildings is more complex than buildings that do not contain the same architectural importance or value. This research focuses on assessing the energy rating systems ('green building certification' programs) and discusses if those systems can address historic values and building preservation. In this literature review, we have examined the process of assessing a historic building under existing energy rating systems addressing the historic value and the potential for energy efficiency, as well as the economic values that can be found in this building typology and surrounding communities. By assessing the historic value of a building, we can identify the best compromises between the recommended improvements and the preservation of the building while including the community in which the building is located. The development of an energy rating system for historic properties could be achieved if further research is conducted, the appropriate tools and models are formulated, and thorough analysis and case studies achieved.