Kean Quest


This pilot study evaluates the effectiveness of a continuing education (CE) program on nurses' clinical reasoning skills in utilizing the Early Warning Scoring (EWS) protocol. The CE program aimed at improving nurses' competency in using the EWS protocol for early warning detection through clinical reasoning skills training. The CE program involved a two-hour session that included an overview of the clinical reasoning framework, three simulated patient scenarios, and a reflective dialogue. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a convenience sample of seven registered nurses participated in the program. Simulated scenarios were given to the participants to complete before and after the CE program. A clinical reasoning rubric based on Levitt-Jones' clinical reasoning framework, Benner's novice to expert theory, and Dreyfus model of skill acquisition measured the competency level before and after the CE program. The study shows that the CE program was effective in improving the clinical reasoning skills of nurses.

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