Kean Quest


Student mental health and well-being are a significant and growing concern on college campuses across the United States. As a result, to better meet students' mental health demands and decrease strain on existing services, the current quantitative research focused on exploring the impact of exercise on a college student’s mental health. An online survey involving Kean University students was conducted and information was primarily gathered through an online questionnaire. Approximately, 40 students were randomly selected to participate in this research study. The results of the study revealed that participants felt that consistent exercise was beneficial in helping reduce their mental health symptoms. Additionally, the students reported that stress and anxiety were the most commonly experienced mental health conditions. When asked if they felt their academic performance gets impacted due to their symptoms, many participants agreed. Based on the results, the study then concluded that a college student’s mental health can be positively impacted (improved) with exercise. Therefore, the study recommended that to better meet the mental care demand on college campuses, students are encouraged to engage in more moderate or vigorous exercises to boost/improve their mental health. Future research studies should consider expanding to a larger sample size to allow the generalizability of results. Also, a mixed-method approach can help reinforce the results of previous research studies.