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Office of Student Success & Retention Assessment Report 2019


Mission Statement: The mission of the Office of Student Success & Retention (OSS&R) is to provide leadership for the University’s retention efforts by engaging at-risk students and teaching them the skills and dispositions needed for success. The Office is committed to creating a sustainable culture of active engagement of students, especially those that have demonstrated academic need. OSS&R is dedicated to advancing a culture of assessment by engaging in activities that will provide the campus engagement necessary based on data. OSS&R will encourage a culture that is student-centered, one that facilitates and celebrates individual success. We will advance models, practices and policies that improve degree completion and persistence. OSS&R will lead University training efforts to engage at-risk students as well as celebrate all achievers.

Vision Statement: Kean University will become a model of excellence in retention by advancing cutting-edge intervention models to at-risk students. OSS&R will lead the University’s efforts to engage students that show signs of problems in academic success. Through best practices, the Office will transform these students from risk to excellence. We will hold fast to the belief that all of Kean’s students have the ability to succeed. The model will not only focus on early intervention that will lead to retention but the office will provide the university with a map of the pathway to increase retention and graduation rates based on data.

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