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General Education Program Assessment


General Education Student Learning Outcomes

1. Transdisciplinarity: The ability to integrate knowledge and methods from different fields to address historical or contemporary questions.

2. Critical Thinking: The ability to utilize reflective analysis to draw informed conclusions.

3. Quantitative Literacy: The ability to utilize numerical data accurately and effectively to address real world problems.

4. Communication Literacies: The ability to speak and write effectively to convey and make an evidence-based argument.

5. Information and Technology Literacy: The ability to utilize information and communications technology critically and effectively in a rapidly changing world.

6. Active Citizenship: A commitment to lifelong civic engagement at a local, national and/or global level.

7. Ethical Judgment and Integrity: The ability to draw reasonable conclusions from ethical questions to guide personal conduct.

8. Diversity: A commitment to promote inclusivity in a diverse world.

Assessment Materials:

Assessment Rubrics are now stored in a shared Google Drive. Please click HERE to view the files.


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