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Fall 11-19-2022


As a graduate student or tenure-track faculty, research (the amount that you produce and publish) is core to your position, current and future. Whether in a doctoral program or trying to earn tenure, submitting your research to journals is a daunting task, only second to designing, implementing, analyzing, and writing up your research. On your journey towards dissertation defense or working with mentors and/or peers to complete a research project, you are often required to have many eyes on your design, methods, analysis, and results, but also, the format of your written product. During dissertation writing, the chair of your committee will be the main point of contact and editor of your work. You will also have two other experts in your field examining your dissertation for issues or to make suggestions for improvements. These three members of your dissertation committee will help you present your research in the best possible way through many iterations of revisions and suggestions. After a successful defense, one of the best ways to start publishing is to break off pieces of your dissertation and expand that area of your findings. That might mean analyzing the data set with different methodology, expanding on results, or partnering with someone in your field or someone across disciplines. Your dissertation is much more than just an end goal- in many ways it is actually the beginning of your research agenda.

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How to Know You are Ready to Submit Your Work to Academic Journals: A Guide for Graduate Students and Faculty