Civil society responses to the COVID-19 pandemic: A comparative study of China, Japan, and South Korea

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This study examines whether nonstate actors can enhance social resilience to cope with extreme events by examining and comparing civil society’s responses to COVID-19 in China, Japan, and South Korea. The research has found that the civil society sector in each of these three countries played essential roles in combating the pandemic, either by reinforcing government-led efforts or by filling the institutional voids left by the government. Civil society actors in these countries have contributed to social resilience by donating money and medical supplies, providing imperative social services, disseminating needed information, and advocating for marginalized groups in society. This study provides timely information on how resources were mobilized by civil society to respond to COVID-19. Additionally, it shows how institutions in different countries have shaped civil society actors’ distinctive actions in the fight against COVID-19.

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China Review

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