Study on cognition and behavior of self-occupational protection of nurses in the hospital

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Cognitive impairment refers to a person who has issues with memory and perception. It may be difficult for a person to understand, focus, or make decisions that affect their everyday life. The self-occupational protection of nurses from workplace injuries is critical to analyze in the present scenario. The paper provides careful supervision, empathic patient care, and active support; further, safe and well-trained care workers must be analyzed in the health care industry. In nursing environments, multiple stressors in the workforce may cause diseases and injuries. Such stressors involve factors related to the immediate working environment, organizational dynamics, and external changes to the health industry. Nurses experience physical and psychological pressure in the workplace health environment that may trigger nurses' harmful consequences, significant and analyzed through Cognitive impairment measured modeling (CIMM). Based on the study, such reforms would help patients in the long run to enhance the nursing staff's welfare and a safer and healthy workplace.

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Aggression and Violent Behavior



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