An SQL Domain Ontology Learning for Analyzing Hierarchies of Structures in Pre-Learning Assessment Agents

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This paper presents the use of description logics (DL) in the definition and development of a Structured Query Language (SQL) domain ontology for a multi-agent based pre-assessment system. Description logics is a knowledge representation language for defining terms or classes, the relationships between classes, their instances, including individuals and literals. In a formal school curriculum, modules of learning are inter-dependent. So, teaching and learning follows an ordered sequence of learning from lower-level module(s) to higher-level ones. This process enables students to gain mastery of lower-level materials before moving up the ladder to higher-level learning. To describe an SQL ontology and its representation for a multi-agent based system application, this paper uses a description logic language to present the organization of learning modules into DesiredConcept< D> , PrerequisiteConcept< C> and LeafNodes< N> as well as their associated relationships, namely, hasPrerequisite and hasKB between the learning modules. The paper thus presents a TBox and an Abox of a DL ontology and further transformation into a first-order predicate for a multi-agent based system that was implemented in Jason.

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