Risk Assessment and Investment Strategy of Fishery Company under Marine Environment Changes

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The profit risk evaluation equation of fishing companies was determined, and the parameters involved were estimated by introducing the actual management data. Then based on the 10000 samples of fish migration, the profit change of fishing companies was simulated for each sample and the profit trend overtime was obtained by MATLAB software. Finally, the effective response to the fish migration for small fishing companies was discussed, together with effective response strategies. Without considering the policies and legal issues brought by the territorial sea, small fishing companies should transfer their ports to Iceland, which is closer to the fish. Based on simulation of effect of investment management strategy, 100.00% of companies can avoid bankruptcy. As for considering the policies and legal issues, small fishing companies should upgrade their fishing vessels to extend the shelf life of fish. After simulation, 62.68% of companies can avoid bankruptcy.

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Proceedings - 2020 2nd International Conference on Economic Management and Model Engineering, ICEMME 2020

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