Design of peer-to-peer protocol with sensible and secure IoT communication for future internet architecture

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In recent times, Internet connected technologies and applications have seen tremendous growth as everyone is inclined to enjoy the benefits offered by them. An upcoming technology called Internet of Things (IoT) has increased the capacity of internet to take in numerous computing devices. With respect to the prevailing IP-based Security Protocol (SecP) suites, which rely on the conventions of Network Topology (NT) and device and network (n/w) abilities to decide on the designs of the employed Security Mechanisms (SecM). In this work, we address by putting forth a unified IoT framework model dependent on the Mobile Security IP IoT Architecture (MSIP-IoT-A) which exclusively concentrates on supporting Sec for the IoT. The model suggested by us, brings together local IoT systems with the global Internet with no loss in its usage, ability of cross operation and protecting the Sec. An Internet of Things (IOT) – Name Determination Check (NDC) is proposed as the main part of the middleware layer by us in this article and we also generate a We propose an IoT-NDC as a core component of the, and develop a not so heavy but light keying protocol capable of establishing a trust amid an IoT device and the IoT-NDC. Moreover, we attempt of identify and fix this issue by suggesting a peer-to-peer SecP for fulfilling a range of environment. We have applied safe communication (comm.) upon an open sourced platform for the IoT. Ultimately, with assessment and studies with the help of models and data from the SecPlogic, we conclude that the suggested methodology is effective to fulfill the mentioned objective and can be used for the platform.

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Microprocessors and Microsystems



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