An efficient amalgamation of computational models to ensure a secure IOT environment

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The cloud computing merges with the IoT environments to enhance the scope of developing new applications and distributing these applications to the real world environment. But the current IoT environment faces many challenges in building an efficient IoT applications. In these challenges, ensuring security in the IoT environment plays a vital role.Traditional cloud models tried to solve the security issues in the IoT applications. But they all failed in producing the optimal solution. To solve the security issues of the IoT applications an amalgamation is performed between computing models such as cloud computing and corner society. The proposed system merges the trust examination model and usage template in which this combination solves the load balancing problem in the cloud computing. The corner environment structure which is made effectively and reducing the usage of the resources through the corner protocols to maximize the ability of the trust examination model. The proposed system gives the flexibility of loading the usage template in the cloud and loading the usage grammar template in the corner protocol in which results in the development of the IoT applications.

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International Journal of Control and Automation

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