Lightweight Secure Message Delivery for E2E S2S Communication in the IoT-Cloud System

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The continuous increase in the use of smart devices and the need for E2E smart2smart (S2S) services in IoT systems play effective and contemporary roles in the field of communication, and a large amount of resources is required. Thus, IoTs and cloud computing must be integrated. One of the results of this integration is the increase in the number of attacks and vulnerabilities in the E2E S2S message delivery service of such an IoT-cloud system. However, none of the traditional security solutions can be sufficiently regarded as a secure and lightweight mechanism for ensuring that the security requirements for E2E S2S message transmission in the IoT-cloud system are fulfilled. This work aims to provide an efficient and secure, lightweight E2E S2S message delivery function, which includes the E2E S2S secure key and biometric parameter exchange function, a bio-shared parameter and bio-key generation function, secure lightweight E2E S2S communication negotiation and secure E2E S2S lightweight message delivery. The secure, lightweight cryptographic communication procedure is negotiated between a pair of smart devices during each E2E session to minimize the power consumption required of limited-energy devices. Such a negotiation process prevents known attacks by providing responsive mutual authentication. Lightweight message delivery by the two smart devices can satisfy the basic security requirements of E2E communication and ensure that the computational cost required for a real-time system is as low as possible.

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IEEE Access

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