Factors that shape university students' attitudes towards academic research

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Students almost always hold different attitudes toward academic research. In order to describe that phenomenon and find out the factors which affected and caused students' different attitudes toward academic research, the researchers investigated Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) students' attitudes towards the support from the university, research training environment, and their future academic career directions. This descriptive-quantitative study also considered students' attitudes as a variable to measure respondents' understanding and knowledge of academic research, and personal experiences. The sample size of 227 undergraduates represented the cross sectional respondents of the four colleges. Based on data collected by online questionnaires, results showed that most WKU students held positive attitudes toward academic research and are aware of its significance. WKU students did not have enough personal experiences in undertaking research studies. Generally, WKU students realized and acknowledged the significance of academic research in cultivating their inquiry mind and gain better understanding of the research course content. All of the three factors could affect students' attitudes and motivations toward academic research. Faculty mentoring in the research training environment has the strongest influence while on-campus related activities in the support from the university has the lightest influence on WKU undergraduates' attitudes towards research.

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International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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