Optimization Driven Adam-Cuckoo Search-Based Deep Belief Network Classifier for Data Classification

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Data classification effectively classifies the data based on the labeled class distribution. To classify the data using the imbalanced distribution poses a significant challenge in the class inequity problem. Various data classification methods are developed in the learning framework, but proving better classification accuracy is a significant challenge in the application domain. Therefore, an effective classification method named Adam-Cuckoo search based Deep Belief Network (Adam-CS based DBN) is proposed to perform the classification process. At first, the input data is forwarded to the pre-processing stage, and then the feature selection stage. The wrapper-based feature selection model conducts the search in space with the possible parameters. The operators specify the connectivity between the states and select the features based on their state. The classification is performed using the Deep Belief Network (DBN) classifier such that the multilayer perceptron (MLP) layer of Deep Belief Network (DBN) is trained using the proposed Adam based Cuckoo search (Adam-CS) algorithm. The breeding behavior of cuckoos is integrated with the step size parameter to enhance the accuracy of the classification process. The adaptive learning rate parameter effectively estimates the moments using a sparse gradient. The proposed Adam based Cuckoo search (Adam-CS) algorithm attained better performance using the metrics, such as accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity, with 90% training data.

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IEEE Access

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