Metrosexual trend in facial care products: Analysis of factors that influence young Chinese men purchasing intention

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Chinese men are now confronted by the very same pressures that women have faced in attempting to attain the ideal physical appearance which leads to more men are spending money on skincare products. This paper applies the ABC (affect-behavior-cognition) model of attitudes and aims to identify factors that influence the affective and cognitive attitude of young Chinese male consumers towards purchasing intention of men’s facial care products. The conceptual model was tested using sets of questionnaires that are distributed to male university students. The total sample consists of 402 respondents. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used as a statistical method to assess the statistical significance of the proposed relationships among sets of observed variables. The results indicated that social recognition, social expectation, and word-of-mouth significantly influence Chinese young men affective component to buy facial care products, while cognition component successfully mediated between word-of-mouth, aesthetic appearance, health concern, and purchase intention. Although facial care products are traditionally associated with women, the current research contributes to knowledge of the importance and trend of the men’s facial care segment in Asia.

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Journal of Global Fashion Marketing

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