Incorporating holism in nursing education through the Integrative Student Growth Model (ISGM)

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The concept of holism is threaded throughout nursing. Holistic nursing practice has emerged as a prevalent concept in the provision of quality nursing care, calling nurses to focus on the whole person. Holistic self-care has been said to prevent burn-out, decrease compassion fatigue, and promote workplace civility. However, strategies for teaching holism in nursing education are lacking. The Integrative Student Growth Model (ISGM) offers an innovative, systems-based model for nurse educators to teach abstract values integral to professional nursing practice such as caring, holism, inclusiveness, integrity and excellence. This article discusses one aspect of the Integrative Student Growth Model, holism, which can be integrated at three defined levels present in all nursing programs. The authors propose a conceptual definition of holistic nursing education and suggest strategies for creating a holistic academic environment at each of the three levels. Finally, recommendations for future inquiry are explored as a means to test the model and the potential impact on student learning outcomes, and subsequently, patient outcomes.

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Applied Nursing Research

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