Integrated curriculum of multi-tier client/server web-based database applications

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The Multi-tier Client/Server model is standard and popular for modern computer software systems. For better performance, database servers and web (or application) servers usually run on different machines. The end-user can only access data through the application server, and cannot access the database directly. These servers are often distributed at different locations connected through the network. Web-based architecture is the most essential design for Internet applications. It is very important to teach students the browser-based client/server model in college. Several courses, such as Web Programming, Networking, Operating Systems and Database, cover the related topics, but the curriculum mostly focuses on the individual components. Students seldom have a chance to connect the knowledge from these topics together in a single course. In this paper, an integrated hands-on curriculum is proposed for students to learn the related topics in a systematic method that links these subjects together. Several project topics are also suggested. It is important not only to know these subjects but also to have better learning outcomes by working on projects that integrate these subjects.

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International Journal of Information and Education Technology

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