Achieving sustainable competitive advantage through green entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation: The role of inter-organizational learning

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Purpose: This paper aims to examine the role of the inter-organizational learning contributing in transforming the green entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation to the improvement of sustainable competitive advantages. Design/methodology/approach: The structural equation model was established to explain the complex relationship between green entrepreneurial orientation, market orientation and sustainable competitive advantage. To test the hypothesis, this study used partial least square with data from a survey of 280 firms. Findings: There is a strong tendency that the inter-organizational learning plays a pivotal role as an intervening variable that operates by receiving the input from green entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation, which plays as the exogenous construct. Hence, the greater inter-organizational learning leads the firms to achieve the greater sustainable competitive advantage. Originality/value: This study extends the discussion on how organization should contribute to the well-being of the economic, social and environmental system by investigating the role of inter-organizational learning in achieving the sustainable competitive advantage.

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