Voice morphing: An illusion or reality

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Voice morphing is an emerging technology that gained popularity in industry, particularly in entertainment industry to enhance the quality of voice, from the last few decades. However, the voice morphing tools are also being used by predators to deceive people. Therefore, it poses a great challenge to public to determine whether a voice is morphed or not. Voice morphing is a technique to algorithmically change one person's voice into another person's voice. In this paper, we conduct a case study that evaluates the hypothesis that do voice morphing tools/techniques create a successful illusion in a listener mind. To evaluate, our hypothesis we propose an elementary voice morphing technique, based on a set of mask vectors; then we implement the said technique as a voice morphing tool in a visual language Pure Data; and finally we evaluate this technique by designing a test bed. Our results indicate that voice morphing technology may create an illusion in a listener mind, effectively.

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2018 International Conference on Advancements in Computational Sciences, ICACS 2018

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