Forecasting impulsive consumers driven by macro-influencers posts: Intervention of followers' flow state and perceived informativeness

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Social media influencers have been persuading their followers' shopping experiences according to their reach; however, limited studies unveil the influence of macro-influencers (MIFs) on followers' impulsive decisions. This research divulges the role of MIFs posts' characteristics in impulsive urges through the perceptive route based on the self-determination theory and stimulus-organism-response model. In addition, the interaction effect of perceived risk is examined. Data from 511 followers of MIFs were analyzed by structural equation modeling. Findings portray that MIFs posts' authenticity and visual appeal positively impact followers' perceived informativeness and flow state, leading to the urge to buy impulsively. Besides, a positive association is observed among MIFs posts' authenticity, visual appeal, perceived informativeness, and flow state. Moderating results indicate that higher perceived risk significantly discourages followers from getting involved in impulsive urges. Unexpectedly, it could not influence the followers' flow state. This novel research provides valued implications to recognize and design effective strategies embedded in the phenomenon of MIFs to instigate impulse buying.

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Technological Forecasting and Social Change



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