Face recognition via taxonomy of illumination normalization

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Presently, the difficulty in managing illumination over the face recognition techniques and smooth filters has emerged as one of the biggest challenges. This is due to differences between face images created by illuminations which are always bigger than the inter-person that usually be used for identities’ recognition. No doubt, the use of illumination technique for face recognition is much more popular with a greater number of users in various applications in these days. It is able to make applications that come with face recognition as a non-intrusive biometric feature becoming executable and utilizable. There are tremendous efforts put in developing the illumination and face recognition by which numerous methods had already been introduced. However, further considerations are required such as the deficiencies in comprehending the sub-spaces in illuminations pictures, intractability in face modelling as well as the tedious mechanisms of face surface reflections as far as face recognition and illumination concerned. In this study, few illuminations have been analyzed in order to construct the taxonomy. This covers the background and previous studies in illumination techniques as well the image-based face recognition over illumination. Data was obtained from the year of 1996 through 2014 out of books, journals as well as electronic sources that would share more on the advantageous and disadvantageous, the current technique’s performance as well as future plan.

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Intelligent Systems Reference Library

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